The Great Chain

The Great Chain

Saturday, December 18, 2010

So Long DADT! Religious Bigotry Gets a Richly Deserved Kick in the Crotch

The final repeal of DADT is now a foregone conclusion.  With a cloture vote of 66-33, the repeal is no longer in question.  It will happen today.  Almost certainly within the hour.

And with the repeal of DADT, one more vestige of religious bigotry will come crashing down.

DADT is, was, and always has been grossly inequitable.  It deprived American citizens of a central right on the basis of immutable characteristics based solely on bigotry, religious hatred, intolerance, ignorance and Christian asshattery.

If you doubt for even a moment that the oppression and denial of equality for homosexuals is motivated by nothing but the basest and crassest forms of religious bigotry, I invite you to visit a few of the nauseating links above.  There is not and has never been any rational reason to deny homosexuals the right to serve in the military.  Indeed, the SOLE reason this oppression has been allowed to stand is because of the tireless efforts of religious bigots.

Let the following names be remembered by history as the bigoted douchebags they are:

John McCain - Baptist
Mitch McConnell - Baptist
Richard Shelby - Presbyterian
John Kyl - Presbyterian
Jeff Sessions - Methodist
George Lemieux - Roman Catholic
Saxby Chambliss - Episcopalian
Johnny Isakson - Methodist
Mike Crapo - Mormon
Jim Risch - Roman Catholic
Chuck Grassley - Baptist
Sam Brownback - Roman Catholic
Pat Roberts - Methodist
Jim Bunning - Roman Catholic
David Vitter - Roman Catholic
Thad Cochran - Baptist
Roger Wicker - Southern Baptist
Kit Bond - Presbyterian
Mike Johanns - Roman Catholic
Judd Gregg - Congregationalist
Jim Inhofe - Presbyterian
Tom Coburn - Baptist
Lindsey Graham - Southern Baptist
Jim DeMint - Persbyterian
John Thune - Evangelical Christian
Lamar Alexander - Presbyterian
Bob Corker - Presbyterian
John Cornyn - Church of Christ
Orrin Hatch - Mormon
Robert Foster Bennett - Mormon
Mike Enzi - Presbyterian

And let it be known that in the end, the bigoted, regressive, intolerant, assholes listed above were not enough to prevent rationality, reason, equality and justice from prevailing.

So congratulations to all you guys in the LGBT community!  Congratulations on delivering a swift kick in the crotch to Christian bigotry.  You guys (and gals) have deserved this for a long time.


  1. Why would DADT have anything to do with religion? Seems to me it was and always has been a secular decision.

  2. What exactly about DADT is secular in any way shape or form? There is no secular justification for it whatsoever. The only justification for the policy is and always has been nothing more than thinly veiled religious bigotry.