The Great Chain

The Great Chain

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Religion vs. Conspiracy Theory

What is the difference between religion and a conspiracy theory?  Let's find out!

Does the belief system attribute historical events to the machinations of a mastermind with seemingly limitless power, cunning and ability?

Does the belief system exhibit a chronic lack of conclusive or dispositive evidence?

Does the belief system explain away contradictory evidence by claiming that the contradictory evidence was planted by the mastermind to mislead or fabricated by enemies of the belief system?

Does the belief system exhibit disdain for rational criticism?

Is the belief system non-falsifiable?

Is there any evidence of lack thereof that could alter belief in the machinations of the mastermind?

Does the belief system offer a more complicated and evidence free explanation of a process or event that can be explained with the use of logic and evidence?

Does the belief system regularly utilize special pleading, appeals to authority, bare assertions, arguments from ignorance, argumentum ad populum and other logical fallacies to support its arguments?

Do critics of the belief system describe it as outlandish, ridiculous and irrational?

Actually... Now that I look at it, the two are indistinguishable.  Never mind, move along.


  1. Your problem, my friend, is that "they" have gotten to you!

  2. "They" are everywhere! Better watch out or they'll get you too!

  3. Some conspiracy theories eliminate funVax.